Review : Affordable Price Servers Review

It’s been 3 months since I have started using a VPS from which provides Shared hosting as well as server hosting. Now usually when it comes to a Web Hosting Review, what you find is either an affiliate post… Continue Reading

End of the Golden Days of Free VPS Providers

Free VPS Providers

Free VPS providers are a dying breed. Few years back there were so many of those but today only one or two left. Soon it might be next to impossible to find vps for free. But web hosting prices going down too. Today You can get a decent server for less than 5 usd. Continue Reading

1GB Free VPS From

1GB Free VPS gave me a free vps which is sponsored by Fuzzyhosts. It’s a 1GB RAM box with 40GB HDD and 1TB bandwidth. If you are searching for free vps provider then you should read this. Continue Reading a free VPS provider is the best free vps provider out there and where you can get real vps from vps provider for free. It’s post for host type system and no tricks or anything. You just need to stay active in their forum top keep your free vps alive. Continue Reading

Vesta Hosting Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Hosting Control Panel is one of the best free web hosting control panels which you can use as an alternative for cPanel. It’s every simple and very easy to install. Has all basic functions and features a web hosting control panel needs. Continue Reading

Iniz VPS Hosting Review

Iniz VPS Hosting Review

Iniz is one of the low cost vps hosting providers in market today. They provider both OpenVZ and KVM servers from different locations. If you are looking for cheap vps package but with really good uptime and support then you should check this review and find more about them. Continue Reading

WeLoveServers Taken Over TuguHost


WeLoveServers has bought TuguHost. This probably will be something good for Tuguhost users since WeLoveServers will provide better and faster support. They haven’t change prices so all current Tuguhost clients which able to use the hosting service for same price. Continue Reading

Backup Your Sites and Blogs

Backup Your Sites and Blogs

I’m having a disaster because I have forgotten to backup my files and databases in one of those vps I owned. Provider seems having a rough time and their site is also down and my server also suspended for some reason Usually I would move on but right now I can’t because If I do then I will loose all content in those 2 sites. Continue Reading

Read TOS Before Buying A VPS

Read TOS Before Buying A VPS

People tend to make this big mistake often when they buy a VPS or dedicated server. Even when they buying a shared hosting account. If you want to know the truth about each web hosting provider and find what you really get and what you don’t get then read the TOS. Continue Reading

Brute Force Attempts

brute force attempts

There’s a increasing wave of Brute Force Attempts happening specially targeting servers which use cPanel as hosting control panel. If you are using cPanel then time to contact your provider and tighten your server security. Also make your Wordpess and ftp passwords more harder to crack. Continue Reading