Vesta Hosting Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel

It’s not easy to find a good free hosting control panel these days even though there are many free hosting control panels out there. Nothing powerful as cPanel but there are several good panels out there. The problem is most of these panels are not easy to install and not newbie friendly at all. Virtualmin/Webmin and ISPConfig probbly is the best free control panels out there but these are either hard to install or need experience to handle. Then there is Kloxo-MR which is a fork of Kloxo panel. This one is really good and I use it in one of my low end vps but the problem is there are always security problems or at least concerns. So I have been searching for a good free hosting control panel which is easy to install and then the panel is user friendly enough for even those who have no experience in these things. Also it has to run in low end vps like those with 512MB or 256MB RAM.

I think the winner is VestaCP. This free control panel is so easy to install and just need less than 5 commands. Also then configuring control panel is very simple and you can get it up and run in less than hour. It has all the basic features you need to run web sites or hosting service (a simple one) like domains, DNS, Mail, Databses, Users etc etc. Security is really good too since it’s open source code there’s big group of developer so try to improve it constantly.

There are several cons of VestaCP too. It’s a  very simple control panel which is fine if you only need basic features and tasks of a web hosting control panel. If you want to create a sub domain then you need to add it as a separate domain name. They are improving things but it happens slowly. Another problem is their support forum is mainly Russian based. It’s slow when you post something in English. Also it lacks a complete documentation.

Minimum Recommended Requament for VestaCP

CPU: 768Mhz Ram:

512M HDD:

20Gb OS:

RHEL/CentOS 5,6

But still it’s a really good free alternative for cPanel if you only need a simple control panel. I haven’t seen it has bugs like in Kloxo and also it’s very light weight.