a free VPS provider probably is the only reliable free vps provider in market today. There are so many scams out there like also other fake sites like 5jelly and 3jelly. But is different. They don’t offer you a vps just totally free for nothing. their using post to pay type system so you need to stay active in their forum to keep your vps alive. It’s not bad since you are getting a real vps with your own ip address. Sometimes they offer even 1GB RAM vps.

They have a point system and priotiy goes for those who have high amount of points. You can earn points by posting in forums and thanks you receive from other members. Once you receive a free vps you need to make 30 posts per month to keep it alive. Not a bad deal at all. Their free vps from known vps providers so nothing different from those paid vps. Only thing is you don’t get direct support from vps provider. You need to get support from forum and theri staff contact vps provider it need really a must.

They have so many different types of vps to offer from 128MB RAM vps to 1GB RAM vps. All these vps are from hosting providers who sponsor these give away. Usually they have one give away for every month or two.

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Make sure to read free vps requirements and other rules. If you receive a free vps then make sure to real the providers Terms of Services page too. That’s really important thing usually members miss. There are restrictions so servers won’t be abused. Make sure to read all those things and understand.