End of the Golden Days of Free VPS Providers

Free VPS Providers

It’s really sad to see that Free VPS providers are becoming an endangered species. 5 years ago there were so many of them. Today there is only one which has been around for a while. Rest of them are long gone. Even those I thought would lost for longer than anything, for example FreeVPS.us. Today apart from Post4VPS.com there is no other reliable free server provider.

I hadn’t had much faith on those provider who gave servers with their own money. Well it’s nice but not really sustainable. I even told this to couple of those providers but they were all confidant about finances. Unfortunately later all of them had to close down their project due to money problems. Running a Free VPS service is not easy as running a free shared hosting service. For a free shared hosting service all you need is a vps which you can get for less than 10 usd per month. But each vps has it’s own costs. For example servers need an ip addresses and these cost about 1 usd per month per ip address. So if the free vps provider gives away 50 servers then he has to spend about 50 usd per month just for ips alone. Also there would be cost for servers too. Unless the person have an very solid plan these projects are tend to doom sooner or later.

This is why sponsored servers are the only practical way to run a free vps hosting service. So you need to find vps providers who would willing to sponsor couple of servers in-return for advertising. This works really well for those small hosting providers who like to develop their brand names and get more exposure. That, if it work correctly. Normally the provider gets banner ads on free vps provider forum / sites. Also in members signatures and also back-link if the member has a website in sponsored server. I think its a very good offer for a monthly cost of 10 usd or more or less.

But even this model is having hard time these days. Smaller hosting providers finding it’s very hard to surviveĀ  in web hosting market today due to very competitive prices offers by big companies. They can’t match those prices or packages without loosing money. At Post4VPS.com We have seen many good providers close down their business due to this problem. That means the site loose sponsors and servers. So it’s a tough time for everyone. Gone are the Golden days of free vps providers. Maybe there will be better times in future.