Review : Affordable Price Servers Review

It’s been 3 months since I have started using a VPS from which provides Shared hosting as well as server hosting. Now usually when it comes to a Web Hosting Review, what you find is either an affiliate post which tries to make you buy or someone who writes lots of technical mumbo jumbo about the service they use. I’m into neither of these. I do have my affiliate websites but none of those are about Web Hosting or anything related. Also, I’m not someone who spends time playing with servers. I’m a real-life web hosting user who uses it for my websites and clients’ websites.

So I can say Web Hosting Specs don’t impress me, Facts and Performance do. I want my servers to run fast and smoothly without going offline. Also, want to have decent support from the provider. Like good offers too but I don’t go for those Web Hosting offers which look too good to be true. I have been using Web Hosting for over 10 years and Seen all kinds of stuff from Unlimited Offers, Amazing One time pay offers, etc. So I know if it’s too good to be true, it is. In most cases, you get what you paid for.

So I’m not going to Claim is the best provider out there like people often say in Web Hosting Reviews. But I can say confidently They provide an above-average service. Because from my experience, Their prices are affordable, Specs are great and support is very good. Plus servers are fast and I have yet to see any downtime. What else you can ask from a Good Web Hosting Provider?

So let’s See What Offer,

  • CPU Model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v2.
  • Cores: 1 Core.
  • Speed: 3.50GHz.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Space: 80GB HDD.
  • Location: Germany
  • Price: 8 USD per Month.

This is the package I use. Basic specifications you need to know. I think it’s a really good price for the service and support they offer. If you need more power there are bigger packages for 12 USD, 13 USD etc. You can check their VPS packages here >> Click

Does It Worth The Price?

It does. I run a web server which I have a bunch of sites belongs to my clients and my self. First I was a bit worried. It’s a German server and most of my web traffic is from North America. But there was no mentionable speed difference between US servers and this one when I tested. Everyone said they didn’t notice any difference. For me, that matters more than technical numbers. And their support is good. They know what they are doing. You can get things done unlike support from those big companies like Godaddy which use Call centers which people just talk like robots without a clue what they say. So yes, the price worth the service they offer.

Virtualizor Control Panel is the panel they use. It’s very easy to use. Also, it has a 1 Gbps Connection. If you prefer to use Windows Servers that option is there too. You can just install it from your control panel by a few clicks. I use Ubuntu OS with Cyber Panel. Everything runs smooth and fast.

Other Packages They Offer

Apart from Shared hosting and VPS package, ShadowHosting Also offers Cheap Game Servers, Domain Registration, Could Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc. Even if you don’t see your requirement here, you can talk to the support and get a customized package for your need. Game Servers starts from 2.50 USD per month, A super great offer. Review

You might not have heard about them but it’s worth giving them a try. I have used those really big hosting companies so many times because of their special offers. Something I have learned in a hard way is bigger names don’t mean you get a better service. Often they are targeting quantity than quality. When it comes to servers support is very important. At least to have a person who knows what they are doing. Also to host your sites in a place that is not overloaded with too many accounts because they try to make some bucks with too cheap offers. So, you are in the market for a good server provider for low price then check ShadowHosting, talk to support, and give them a try. Having a headache less service is more important than anything else.