Tuguhost VPS Review

Tuguhost Review

I bought an unmanaged vps package from Tuguhost for Blackfriday and I was lucky to  grab one with their special offer just $20 per year. I hadn’t have much high hopes about them but wanted to give it a chance. Everything went well and  I received my box on time without a problem. Also support is pretty good and they were replying to all my tickets within 30 minutes most of the time. Again I paid only $20 and this is an un-manage vps so I have to admit their support is very good.

So far I haven’t seen a single downtime which really impressive. I thought I might get 1-2 down-times a month since it’s ultra cheap but so far I have had 100% uptime.  So as my first month TuguHost vps review I can say everything is great and I’m really happy with their service. I’m using this box to learn VirtualMin and I haven’t tried to push limits yet. But for a low cost vps package this is lot better than I have ever expected. They do have shared hosting, Reseller, un-managed vps and managed vps packages.

Shared hosting start from $2 per month for basic package with Cpanel + Softcalculus, 99 Add Ons Domains, Unlimited MySQL Databses,  2GB Space,  20GB Monthly transfer.

Reseller Hosting  start from $5 per month for basic package with 10GB space, 100GB transfer and unlimited addon domains and rest of the things.

Un-managed vps basic package start from $5 per month with 512 MB Guaranted RAM, 20GB Disk Space, 1 Ipv4 Address.

Managed vps basic packages start from $30 per month with cPanel, 1 GB Guaranted RAM, 500 GB Monthly transfer, 25GB Disk Space,1 Ipv4 Address.

You can find more information about packages here >> Link

Their Managed vps packages might be little expensive but those packages comes with cPanel license too. Still it’s bit over priced but their un-managed vps are super good.  Even if you don’t know how to setup I think it’s worth give a try. You can start with Kloxo-MR control panel which is free and easy to install.


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