Moving To Kloxo From Virtualmin

Kloxo PanelI wrote about TuguHost vps  I have in last post.  I had decided to use it for Virtualmin which I wanted to learned. Last few days I was checking other features like databases creating and and how easy it is to run CHM sites like WordPress using.  Well I can tell you one thing Virtualmin is not for newbies or those who are used to cPanel.  Also there aren’t too many tutorials where you can learn all these stuff.  So I have decided better going back to one I’m used which is Kloxo.

Well if you are trying to find reviews about Kloxo then you will find too many of those reviews say how badly outdated it is and how insecure it is. If you take a careful look either these reviews were made years old or some just talk about it like parrots. I was worried about it few years back too. But I had decided to give it a go in another vps because those good free control panels which take low resources are not user friendly and those which are user friendly are resource hogs. Kloxo was the best solution I have found. We are taking about Low Cost VPS  which we need budget solutions along with it.  I don’t recommend these for starting big time web hosting services but for your own use for to be given to few trusted clients it’s more than enough.

They do update Kloxo but I have found several problems with it so after installing configuring was a headache.  I have encounter some bugs which really would drive me crazy like problems in file permission etc. Then I found Kloxo-MR. It’s a repo made but guy who used to be in Kloxo original forum.  Installed that and I haven’t had any of those bugs or problems.  They do have a official forum for this >> Kloxo-MR Forum and there you can find all the support you want.

I’m not sure how much RAM you need to run the setup but it went all fine with my 512 RAM vps. After installing and making a client account still it has taken only 165MB.


I guess it can be tweaked to use less RAM than that but I haven’t tried anything yet. Seems you can survive with a 256 RAM if installation work properly with that amount of RAM. I used followed an online tutorial so seems anyone can do it without a problem. It takes longer to install than original Kloxo but lot more stable.

How to install Kloxo-MR >>  Here

If you had given up Kloxo years ago maybe you should try it again. Not the original version but the Kloxo-MR repo. So far it’s working great for me.  I thought I started liking Virtualmin haven’t thought I would be Moving To Kloxo From Virtualmin again.


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