Knownhost VPS Review

Knownhost VPS Review

I have used Knownhost for more than 3 years so it’s time for a Knownhost vps review. The are not a typical low cost vps provider.  They only offer managed solutions. You can have mangaed vps, managed ssd vps and managed dedicated servers. They are one of the best vps hosting providers out there and I don’t think their service second to none. Their packages start from $25 and their support is really fast and top notch.  That’s one reason why I moved one of my big forums to Knowhost few years ago.  I wanted fast support and vps with high uptime. That’s exactly what I have gotten. If you are willing to spend few more dollars than average hosting prices and looking for great support and service I think Knownhost is one of best options you have.

3 Years ago when I wanted to a good vps which is not too expensive but with good support and uptime I had to do some digging to find best options I have. At end I got it narrowed down to WiredTree and Knownhost. Both these providers had great reviews and what they offer was mouth watering. But finally I have decided to go for Knownhost vps because their prices were better. WiredTree prices start from $50 but I got better deal from known for around $35. It was nearly same specs. And I have been there for 3 years and no regrets about my decision.

You are not going to get insane about to resources with their vps packages but they provide superb service. I use the VPS-2 package which comes with 1535mb guranteed RAM, 60gb RAID-10 disk space, 2x Priority 8+ CPUs, 4000GB Bandwidth and 2 ip addresses. Also you can get cPanel/WHM for $5 per month which you need to pay additionally. VPS alone cost me $35 per month but sometimes you can get less with their special offers or discount codes.

Knownhost SSD managed vps packages start from $35 (1024mb RAM, 14GB SSD disk space, 1 priority 24 CPU Cores, 2000 bandwidth and 2 ip addresses). I haven’t moved one of these since more than happy with my current vps package. But if you want even more speed you better go for those SSD VPS packages.

Knownhost dedicated server packages start from $199 or $179 per month depending on setup fee. If you pay $49 or $99 as setup fee.  Server specs are Q9550 CPU (4×2.83GHz 12MB), 4GB DDR2 RAM, 10 TB Bandwidth, 2 500GB Sata 2 hardisks, cPanel etc. not your typical low cost vps or dedicated server but the service you get totally worth it.

Also do free full image backups with all VPS’s for disaster recovery. These backups won’t be given’t to clients but at least I’m happy to hear they do that so in some hardware failure  of something they are recover and start vps without problems.  It’s our job to take our own backups of your sites.  Never should relay on hosting providers.

You are not supposed to run things Proxy, VPN, Torrents, Tor, Warez, Escrow, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), illegal gambling and lottery sites or services in your vps.  Seems legal adult sites are allowed if those have no child pornography or unless its video site.  You can contact them and get more details about this. Their support services are very fast. Always gets a quick response.

If you search Google you will see lots of positive Reviews about Knownhost. You won’t find too many negative feedback like for some other vps providers. If I tell you in short, You might find cheaper hosting providers and even some good hosting providers out there. But if you want a vps and you are don’t want any headaches then you should try Knownhost.  They are specialized on providing VPS and dedicated servers. They know what they are doing and they are good at it.


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