Low Cost VPS Hosting

Low cost VPS hosting

If you are search for a low cost vps hosting provider for your websites then take your time before deciding which provider to use. Those vps services which own their own data centers are the best options for you. There are several reasons for that. For example company which runs their own server farm usually financially stable than many small companies. But doesn’t mean someone who running couple of servers in their garage going to be a best vps provider. I’m talking about wel known names like KnownHost who has their own hardware.

Recently I talked to person who lost his authority site because his vps provider couldn’t pay bills and data center had taken all servers backs. Now the guy hadn’t bother to take backups so now he is in a real trouble. There’s no way he can recover his sites data base. This is why it’s so important no matter what type of hosting it is you must take your own backups or setup an automated to system to download backups to external server like another hosting account. If you can’t afford it then you need to do it by your self manually. Some sites like WordPress has plugins which backup database and send it to your email. It can be really handy but still you need to do FTP backups time to time too.

Most of the time low cost vps are un-managed servers and make sure to find a good provider for that. unmanaged means you won’t get any support from provider unless it’s something server hardware related. You need to do everything by your self from installing hosting control panel to trouble shooting the vps. So again you need to take care of everything and taking your own backups regularly is very important in cases like this. Usually provider doesn’t do backups unless it’s a managed vps so in case of a hardware failure you need your own backup to restore everything back.

So don’t think consider the price. Check how long the provider has been in business and how well he deal with his clients. You can find all these by searching Google these days. Also just couple of negative reviews won’t make a provider bad. Sometimes these are just clients fault not providers so you need to read carefully and take everything with pinch of salt.


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