Brute Force Attempts

brute force attempts

Last few days there’s been a increase in Brute force attempts targeting servers which uses cPanel. Attackers trying to get ftp user passwords and also seems trying to grab worpdress passwords. If you have a firewall and also tight security configurations in cPanel this shouldn’t be anything to worry but still can be a problem if you have weak passwords. Better change your passwords if those are not good enough. You must use capitol and simple letters, numbers and acsii characters in your passwords to make those tough to crack. Yeah those won’t be easy to remember so keep those in file which you keep in a safe place.

I have one of my vps hosted at Hudsonvalleyhost under a brute force attack and after contacting support they even make tighter cPanel security. Also Firewall already doing it’s best banning all Ip addresses which used by attacker. I don’t know if this thing happening to those servers which use different commercial or free hosting control panels like Direct Admin or Kloxo-MR. If you have having a Low cost VPS then probably you are using a free hosting panel than something expensive like cPanel so better see how you can tighten security of your server. If you haven’t installed a Firewall then it’s time to do that.