Backup Your Sites and Blogs

Backup Your Sites and Blogs

I made a big mistake which shouldn’t have happened. I bought this low cost vps with a Blackfriday discount and for month everything worked so great so I transferred 2 new sites there last month. These two WordPress blogs are new project but I forgot to take a file backup or Database backup. VPS had only 2 small downtimes for 4 months and also I was busy with other sites. I even made few reviews about this provider because everythings seems great.

But, Yesterday I not this notification from site monitor saying site is down. I logged into  vps to find the server is suspended! There was no warning or anything. It was then I realized I don’t have have file or data base backups for these 2 new sites. I submit a support ticket asking why this has happened but it doesn’t look promising since even their web site is down right now. This reminded me another thing. No matter how good a VPS or web hosting provider you need to check what other customers tell about them. This need to be done at least once a month. I don’t want to name the provider right now since I want to give them benefit of double and let them back online in case of they are having technical problems. But things don’t look promising. Also I found some bad reviews about them written by their customers in last couple of months. Anyway I will wait another couple of days and see what happens since I have nothing to loose now.

Anyway When you start a WordPress blog make sure to take a file backup when you are done with adding themes and plugins. It would help you so much in case like this. Most important thing is taking a Database backup because there you will have all your content stored. One of these blogs I had there had several 1000+ words posts and  rest is 500+ words posts and pages. All unique content which might be totally lost since I have no backups.

This is a mistake nobody should make. Specially with your quality sites. Make sure to find and add a good WordPress backup plugin like UpdraftPlus or BackWPup and connect it with Dropbox (Link) which is free. Both these plugins are good and you can get the whole thing setup with in 15 minutes. You can send these files to even email if you want but I prefer to use Dropbox since you get 2.5 GB free space. I don’t want my email to filled with backups from various sites.