WeLoveServers Taken Over TuguHost


WeLoveServers has bought Tuguhost. I received the mail about the merge few days ago. I haven’t used WeLoveServers before so I have no personal experience about them. But after checking their sales treads and reviews both on WHT and Lowendbox I figured they are a decent budget vps provider. They do have a very nice special offer one even better and I got from Tuguhost.

Tuguhost had some problems last couple of months. I noticed few small downtime and then a 3 day downtime. I even had all sites moved to another vps when my account was back online again and everything was working fine. I Noticed some angry remarks about them at WHT about downtimes and stuff. Also their account WHT has been disabled since Feb.

Anyway I haven’t had any trouble since the vps back online. Now WeLoveServers owns Tuguhost so I hope they will able to sort out any problems Tugu had. There is a nice ultra cheap WeLoveServers vps offer for 1GB RAM box for $20/year. I’m temped to order one but I have more than enough web hosting accounts right now. Maybe I’ll take one of their shared hosting accounts and see how those work.

Anyway I learned something very important again. Never keep your best sites at cheaper hosting accounts. Keep those in your best hosting account. If it’s a blog or forum then take frequent backups. You have to take your own backups no matter what web hosting provider tells you. Because you can 100% trust your own  backups.