Iniz VPS Hosting Review

Iniz VPS Hosting Review

The reason I have decided to write this Iniz VPS Hosting review is because I have been with them for over a year and half but so far I haven’t had any trouble at all. Their company is only around two years old and originally called StromVZ. I was search for low cost vps provider to buy my third VPS and thought about giving them a chance. They had some really good promo deals those days so I bought this package which was around £6.00/mo. I haven’t had a problem with them since then and they have very good uptime nearly 99.5% which is something you can expect from budget vps hosting provider usually.

But I can say they know what they are doing. Their servers are fast and well maintained. I don’t think they over sell their servers because I nearly don’t see downtimes at all. They their support is every fast for a budget vps provider. You won’t see big promo deals or advertizing everywhere from Iniz but their prices are really good for anyone who want to have a low cost but reliable vps service. They are not a cheap vps hosting provider. But also not expensive either.

They offer you both  OpenVZ and KVM hosting packages and also servers from USA, UK and Europe.  OpenVZ packages start from £3.00 but their best offer is £12.00/mo 4 vCore vps with 2048MB RAM and 2TB bandwidth. You can get a Great KVM offer, £4.50/mo for 3 vCore vps with 1024MB RAM, 1.5TB Bandwidth  and  60GB HDD. Also you can get cheaper smaller vps from £12.50 per year.

You check their all VPS packages  >> Here <<

All virtual machines are 1 static IPv4 and /128 IPv6 and additional IPs cost you £1.00/mo. They accept PayPal, Credit Card & Bitcoin as payment methods. Also they allow legal adult sites so if you have an adult web site and need a bigger web hosting package with more resources then Iniz might be a great option. You can read more about what they allow and what they don’t from their TOS page.

There’s nothing fancy about them. Their web site is very simple and have nothing flashy. Also you don’t see they market and promote their services everywhere like crazy. But they provide excellent and professional hosting service which everyone is looking for. If you are looking for low cost vps provider but a reliable service then this is your destination.  Once you get your server configured (by your self if it’s unmanaged) then you are upto a smooth ride.