End of the Golden Days of Free VPS Providers

Free VPS Providers

Free VPS providers are a dying breed. Few years back there were so many of those but today only one or two left. Soon it might be next to impossible to find vps for free. But web hosting prices going down too. Today You can get a decent server for less than 5 usd. Continue Reading

1GB Free VPS From FreeVPS.us

1GB Free VPS

Freevps.us gave me a free vps which is sponsored by Fuzzyhosts. It’s a 1GB RAM box with 40GB HDD and 1TB bandwidth. If you are searching for free vps provider then you should read this. Continue Reading

FreeVPS.us a free VPS provider


freevps.us is the best free vps provider out there and where you can get real vps from vps provider for free. It’s post for host type system and no tricks or anything. You just need to stay active in their forum top keep your free vps alive. Continue Reading