How to Install VestaCP on CentOS

Vesta Control Panel

VestaCP is one of the easiest free hosting controls panels out there when it comes to install. But the biggest problem is lack of documentation and tutorials about this great control panel. Even their support forum is dominated by Russian speakers so it take time when you want an answer in English or you need to use a translator. There are several how to instal VestaCP tutorials which you can find online but almost all of these have few common problems which are neglected by authors probably because they decide those are not worth mentioning. Anyway here’s a guide of How to install VestaCP on CentOS.

First login to your VPS through SSH (Secure Shell). If you don’t know what this is no big deal. In your VPS configuration info there should be a IP address, and root password. You will need those 2 things. Then you need a SSH client to access to your vps. I use the free one called PuTTY. You can download it >> here << . Now open it and add your IP address. If you haven’t given a different port then use the default port 22 which is already there. Click open. You will get a security Alert just click yes.

ssh client putty

You should be in command prompt of your VPS.  Type root and click Enter. Then add your root password and click Enter.


Now to download the installation script use this command  >>  curl -O

How to Install VestaCP on CentOS

To  install VestaCP use this command >> bash

VestaCP installation

You will probably get above screen so use the command they have given  >>  bash –force  If you are copy and paste these commands then make sure it has ” –force ” at end.  If everything is fine then you will get the below screen. Type “y” where it ask if you want to proceed. then add your email address and finally it will has for your server name and you will see it inside brackets.

Installing vestaCP

When it’s done you will get this screen with admin details. Copy those details and save it into a text file. Login to your control panel then change your admin password into something else.